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About Us

African American CoupleAbsoluteJOI Skincare

We are an inclusive clean beauty brand that offers people with all skin types and tones simple but effective skincare for renewed radiance and healthy balance.

Dr. Anne, FounderOur Founder, Dr. Anne

Developed by a doctor to offer first class skincare that is...

CLEAN. Made without parabens and other chemicals that impact your health.

EFFECTIVE. Designed with the best ingredients to benefit melanin-rich skin.

SIMPLE. Uncomplicated, easy to use and fits into our busy lives. 

The Girls

Her Inspiration

Our story begins with Dr. Anne's daughters, young women who wanted to take better care of their skin as they grew older, but were overwhelmed with all the options, advice and products available.

 Two Bottles on White Tray

Always on the look out for products to treat hyperpigmentation and help with anti-aging, they knew they needed something different for their brown skin because their issues weren't "fine lines and wrinkles" but were dark marks and uneven tone. They wanted to have an effective but simple approach to skincare, and to have the confidence knowing the products they used were designed for their skin.

Product ImageSimple Products

Dr. Anne combined natural, high quality ingredients to create effective products that are simple to use. Her goal was to offer them easy to use skincare that focuses on skin health.

Plant Leaf ImageClean Beauty for Black Women

Using effective natural ingredients, combined with pure actives we help you nourish and balance your skin. We use NO parabens, phthalates, sulphates or skin bleach. And we use no perfumes or dyes to offer pure and clean products good for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 

Two beautiful Women of ColorSkincare for You

Confidence begins with healthy skin and knowing you're using the best quality products made for your skin.

Our friends like our products, and we think you will too.

Give your skin the healthy glow it deserves.

We believe beauty begins with healthy skin and imagine a world where make-up is optional.

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