If you’ve never considered retinol for your skincare routine, it’s never too early to learn why our founder, Dr. Anne, recommends the incredible power of this super ingredient. Made from Vitamin A, retinol has been used by professionals for decades to address skincare concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pore size, and skin that’s uneven and dull. If there is only one product to use for anti-aging, most physicians will tell you retinol is the best investment you can make in your day-to-day skin care treatment. In a matter of weeks, it's sure to leave you with skin that’s more radiant, bright, and smooth.

What Are The Benefits of Retinol For African American Skin?

There’s no doubt that retinol promotes skin renewal for all skin types, and when used on darker skin tones it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, reverse sun damage and lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation. These days, retinol is the gold standard for preserving a youthful look for skin considering it is the only ingredient backed by science that effectively stimulates the production of collagen. And, if you are like many people dealing with aging and acne, it has the added benefit of helping to combat both.

So When Should I Start Using Retinol?

Preventative measures are hands down anyone’s best bet in the fight for ageless, glowing skin. To reap the most benefits, consider incorporating retinol into your day-to-day- routine starting in your 30’s, and increase usage as you (and your skin!) age. Many dermatologists do stress caution when first incorporating any retinoid derivative into your routine. For African American skin, it’s best to gradually add retinol to your regimen using a balanced skin-care treatment that includes proper cleansing, toning, and treatment.

Are There Side Effects To Using Retinol On African American Skin

Since people with darker tones tend to have sensitive skin, it was important we create a product that is effective yet gentle. We use a gentle form of retinol that does not require a prescription in a soothing blend of six nourishing oils to calm and moisturize skin. That’s because Retinol can cause dryness and flakiness at the start of use as it promotes cell turnover and exfoliation. That flakiness is why many stop using retinol long before seeing the full benefits on their skin. You may also notice underlying blemishes begin to surface – a process known as purging – as retinol helps clear your pores. Once the skin begins to adjust to usage (give skin two weeks) you’ll start to see an improvement in your skin. And with longer use (4-6 weeks) you’ll enjoy the long-term benefits of smoother, more even-toned, supple skin! For added protection, always wear a mineral-based sunscreen with a high SPF to lessen skin irritations.

These Glowing Results Speak For Themselves!

While our Skin Refining Night Oil With Retinol is designed with African American Skin in mind, it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Perfect for melanin that needs added TLC, it’s the total skincare treatment that addresses the unique needs of your complexion.



Get ready to experience:

  • Firmer, plumper skin with diminished fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Faster skin cell regeneration cycle, which encourages a smoother texture and tone.
  • Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that work together to help fight the signs of aging.
  • Less dark marks and hyperpigmentation.

AbsoluteJoi Skincare

We are an inclusive clean beauty brand that offers people with all skin types and tones simple but effective skincare for renewed radiance and healthy balance. Developed by Dr. Anne Beal, a physician-researcher who wanted to create quality skincare products that worked for people of all ages with melanin-rich skin.

Using effective natural ingredients, combined with pure actives we help you nourish and balance your skin. We use NO parabens, phthalates, sulphates, or skin bleach. And we use no perfumes or dyes to offer pure and clean products good for all skin types, including sensitive skin.