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Meet Our Founder

Anne Beal

Hi. Welcome to the AbsoluteJOI Family. 

I am a mother and a doctor and created AbsoluteJOI Skincare for my family. My daughters have sensitive skin and require clean, natural products for a healthy, even toned glow. They also need products to address their needs as beautiful brown skinned young women—products that are gentle and promote healthy balanced skin, while being effective for managing hyperpigmentation and protecting against signs of aging. For my own skin, many products address wrinkles, but my aging skin has dark marks and hyperpigmentation, not wrinkles.

Fortunately, I found many self-care traditions for different skin tones from around the world I could use for my family.  Africa provides natural oils, butters and clays used since antiquity to nourish and treat the skin. Europe offers high quality products with excellent standards for safety. Asia supplies skincare innovations steeped in their traditions for self-care.

Thus, was born the idea to create AbsoluteJOI, a high-quality skincare line for people of color made  with natural ingredients, using science infused with global traditions, to deliver a clean and safe approach for healthy skin. Our products are made with Nordic waters and are clean and simple.

High quality skincare does not have to be complicated. AbsoluteJOI is inspired by my daughters, developed for my friends & family and is skincare for you.

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