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AbsoluteJOI Skincare Is Clean Beauty for Black Women

✔ CLEAN. Our clean beauty products are made with the best natural ingredients. No parabens or other questionable ingredients. No perfumes or dyes to irritate sensitive skin. 

✔ EFFECTIVE. Made to address hyperpigmentation -- without bleach. We use active ingredients with proven effectiveness based on scientific studies -- no hype or fads. Just ingredients proven to work.

✔ SIMPLE. Saves you time and eliminates complicated routines with simple yet effective skincare products for women of color.


Made by a Woman Physician

Effective skincare developed for a healthy glow.


Cruelty Free & Clean

Accessible luxury for everyday.


No Toxic Ingredients

High-quality, safe and effective ingredients.

Meet Dr. Anne

Our story begins with Dr. Anne's daughters, young women who wanted to improve their skin care as they grew older, but were overwhelmed with all the options and products available. They knew their issues weren't "fine lines and wrinkles" but were dark marks and uneven tone. They wanted simple but effective products, and wanted to be confident the products they used were made for skin like theirs.

This inspired Dr. Anne to create AbsoluteJOI Skincare to offer easy to use, quality skincare that focuses on skin health. Products made with effective natural ingredients, combined with pure actives, while leaving out hype and unnecessary filler ingredients. As a physician focused on health, she knew these would be clean beauty products made without parabens, phthalates, sulphates or skin bleach. And she chose to use no perfumes or dyes to offer pure and clean products good for all skin types -- including sensitive skin.

AbsoluteJOI Skincare is designed to balance and calm melanin-rich skin for a healthy even tone. Every product is made with effective ingredients to nourish your skin, and made without toxic ingredients for your skin health.

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1. Cleanse

Avoid harsh soaps and with high foaming ingredients. Instead, use mild cleansers with lipids, fatty acids and ceramides to support your acid mantle.

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2. Treat

Use a pH balancing toner to bring your skin back to its natural acidic pH. Serums and lotions with skin loving ingredients like vitamin C and lactic acid work better when your skin is at its natural slightly acidic pH.

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3. Moisturize

Moisturize with products that mimic sebum, your natural skin oil. Natural oils that work particularly well with your skin include jojoba, argan, rose hip, moringa and evening primrose.

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Meet Some of AbsoluteJOI's Happy Customers!

I have sensitive, eczema-prone skin and I have really enjoyed this facial oil! This has been moisturizing, soothing and has not irritated my skin in any way.  I am happy to apply these beneficial ingredients without experiencing any flaking or peeling. I will definitely continue using this!

Absolutely AMAZING results! My skin is smooth, supple and soft to the touch.  I've used similar products, with similar ingredients, that literally cost twice as much and DID NOT get these results.  I won't be purchasing that product anymore. AbsoluteJoi is the real deal.

I don't even know where to begin! I have tried so many different products on my skin, searching for the right one.  At last I have found it! I have received so many compliments on the look and feel of my skin since I started using Absolute Joi. It is an absolute treat for my skin!

AbsoluteJOI Skincare is Available at These Fine Retailers

AbsoluteJOI Skincare is Available at These Fine Retailers

AbsoluteJOI Skincare is Available at These Fine Retailers

AbsoluteJOI Skincare is Available at These Fine Retailers