AbsoluteJOI Skincare

✔ CLEAN. Made with the best natural ingredients. No parabens or other questionable ingredients. No perfumes or dyes to keep sensitive skin calm. 

✔ EFFECTIVE. Made to address hyperpigmentation -- without bleach. We use active ingredients with proven effectiveness based on scientific studies -- no hype or fads. Just ingredients proven to work.

✔ SIMPLE. Saves you time and eliminates complicated routines with simple yet effective skincare products.

Wanda P. Adefris, MD

"I have many patients who have breakouts and skin discoloration due to hormonal changes. I recommend the AbsoluteJOI cleansing bundle which helps balance and calm their skin. I particularly like that these products are non-toxic which makes them safer to use, especially during pregnancy."

Wanda P. Adefris, MD, FACOG

Women's Health

Vikisha Fripp, MD

"We started using the Night Oil on our patients after plastic surgery procedures to calm the skin and help prevent scarring and dark marks. I found the oil really helped improve skin tone and repair. We now carry all of the AbsoluteJOI Skincare products in our offices because our patients wanted to use them at home."

Vikisha Fripp, MD, FACS

Plastic Surgery

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Skincare for You

Five Lessons Natural Skin Care Can Learn From the Natural Hair Movement

Five Lessons Natural Skin Care Can Learn From the Natural Hair Movement

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Double Cleansing for Your Face

Double Cleansing for Your Face

Heathy skin begins with clean skin. Washing your face may seem like a simple task, but there’s more to it than basic wet-lather-rinse. Daily life exposes your face to pollution, dirt, sweat, sunscreen and makeup so your cleansing routine needs to gently remove that dirt, while nourishing your skin. This is where Double Cleansing comes in.
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The Specific Approach to Caring for Melanin-Rich Skin

The Specific Approach to Caring for Melanin-Rich Skin

Do people of color have different skincare needs? First, skin is skin. Yes, we have more melanin, but other than that, the skin of people of color is the same as the skin of other people. However, certain characteristics more common among people with melanin rich skin make our skincare needs unique.
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