AbsoluteJOI Affiliate Program

AbsoluteJOI is a physician founded clean beauty skin care line for people with melanin-rich skin, and we want to work with affiliates. We specifially want to work with people who are into beauty, wellness and are knowledgeable about skin care for people with all skin tones.


We use Shareasale, which you can join to receive a unique link that allows you to refer people to the AbsoluteJOI webpage. You will earn a commission on any sales made within 90 days by people you refer to our page.  


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We have been featured in many outlets including Cosmopolitan, Essence and Vogue. Byrdie Beauty says we have the best retinol with vitamin C and the best moisturizer with sunscreen for people with darker tones.


Here are some key things to know about us:


~~ AbsoluteJOI Skincare was created by Dr. Anne Beal, a physician researcher who personally experienced and witnessed women with melanin-rich skin having few options for effective anti-aging that addresses their specific needs.


~~ As a physician, she created products using scientifically based ingredients. She also eliminated fillers, fragrances and other unnecessary ingredients to offer simple yet effective products. We offer skin care based on science, not hype.


~~ Many people with melanin-rich skin also experience skin sensitivities, so it was important to offer products that are gentle, yet effective and made without perfumes, fragrances or dyes that can irritate sensitive skin.


~~ While clean beauty is popular right now, Dr. Beal says clean beauty is more than a "nice to have" for women of color. It is a health imperative. That is because studies show that Black and Latin women have paraben levels that are 4x-8x higher than the general population. Since parabens are known hormone disruptors that act like estrogen in our bodies, Dr Beal wanted to offer products that are effective and safe to use.


~~ Dr. Beal feels it is important to make sure our customers are informed about ingredients and effective skin care practices. So, in addition to offering effective products, we share information on our blogs and skincare guides available to our customers. When people join our mailing list, the first thing they receive is a link to our 33-page skin care guide on caring for melanin-rich skin.

Any questions? Email us at info@absolutejoi.com

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